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Interested to explore you culinary capabilities?

Keen to share your skills with others?

Have the edge for passing on your knowledge to likeminded people?

Now, Culinary Art Studio (CAS) is on the mission to get you on board. We are looking for individuals or organisations to use this platform to share their knowledge. You may have doubts if you would be able to compete in this industry, you may wonder what would be the requirements to make it big, or you may even get demoralized by some saying that is too difficult.

CAS encourages you to experience the real world scenario for yourself. We wish to provide you with the exposure of using current equipments like Convertherm'z, Bosch and Kenwood. We wish to facilitate your business ideas and make it possible. We wish to bring the culinary skills within you, to the table for everyone to get fascinated about. We at CAS wish for more of our community to come forward and believe you can do this.

As you may already know, CAS is the venue for the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation (SHCF). With a strong pool of skilled Chef, both SHCF and CAS would lend you our hands to pursue and achieve passion and enhance your culinary knowledge. So kindly extend your support to us and our local community by coming on board. For queries or more information of this new initiative, please contact us at

We sincerely thank your support